JULY 2019


Prioritize and execute, thats the goal this coming month. I got spread out too thin this month. I made some good improvements mentally and feel in a good place. But, no stopping.

“No points for busy. Points for successful prioritization. Points for efficiency and productivity. Points for doing work that matters. No points for busy.”

- Seth Godin


The Exposition Park Rose Garden in Los Angeles is a pretty instagrammable place. It seems to just be that, a garden filled with different roses that could use a break from the LA sun. Jona, Aaron, and I all went to the garden and snapped some photos, it was a good time. I won’t be going back but it was a fun experience with friends. Also, 4th of July happened and I was able to luck out and get a long exposure photo on it.


Exposition Rose Garden, Rooftop of the 1702 Studio, the beach, and noisy construction outside my apartment, this was a fun month of photos. I think I am going to do more black and white moving forward, the feel I am going for in these photos isn’t standing out as much as I would have liked. Either way I like seeing what my eye catches, it’s a good test.


2002 Nike commercial - sums up their relationship in 30 seconds

Great series of videos with a message I needed to hear, “Make It Anyway”.


July - America and Alcohol


Read the book off of the recommendation of my boss. My learnings;

Chapter 1

Compound Effect in action

  • A penny doubling every day for 31 days will equal 10 million dollars.

  • If you take the 3 million on the first day you'll get lapped by the doubling penny on the last day

Chapter 2


  • so many small choices is what governs us, not the big ones

  • track things you want to improve

  • begin to save for retirement - think small

Chapter 3

habits good or bad

  • track your good and bad habits

  • write down 3 goals you have and then write down every bad habit that doesn’t help you achieve those goals

  • write down the habits you need to get those 3 goals accomplished

Chapter 4


  • Habits, discipline, and routines - if positive create big mo

  • consistency >

Chapter 5


  • rich people pay for coaches of all kinds

  • make sure you are being influenced by the kinds of people you want to be

  • never ask advice from someone you wouldn’t wanna trade places with

  • ask people you care about to answer these questions as it pertains to you;

    • how do i show up to you

    • what do you think my strengths are

    • in what areas do you think i can improve

    • where do you think i sabotage myself

    • whats one thing i can stop doing that would benefit me the most

    • whats one thing i should start doing

Chapter 6

Above and Beyond

  • Do more than what is asked of you give that extra 10% to wow them


House of Cards Season 1 Episode 1 - Director: David Fincher DP: Eigil Bryld

David Fincher says in the director commentary “Every single person represents our first choice, so don’t fuck this up, because I’ll never forgive you.” I love this series. Mastercraft in filmmaking.



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