JUNE 2019



So, it’s been a minute since I have felt creative in a substantial way. Feeling very stuck in the mud. I’ve been trying to stick to the things I’ve said I was going to do. It’s not so much the promises I make to others, but the promises I make to myself. Films I said I wanted to do but never finished, books I want to read but never end up picking up. These add up and soon it seems like you’re doing a lot but when you add it all up, it amounts to nothing getting done. I have lack of progression. I like doing things other than my main job. In college, I would always have something going on besides school work. Now, with a full-time job I find myself needing to have side projects. But how do you maintain the energy from a job where you are giving more energy than a typical “i am just here to get paid” job. My boss has said to limit yourself by creating deadlines and write briefs that a client would to hold yourself accountable, but I still struggle with it. I wonder if I need side projects at all at times, or maybe, slow progression is okay. Things to consider. In July, I want to stick more to the deadlines I manufacture.


These were taken about 500 yards away from the Santa Monica Pier in California. After work my co-workers and I went down to the beach to take in the sunset and get out of the office. I took my Olympus XA film camera with loaded Kodak Porta 400 and snapped until I hit 36 exposures. The texture, softness, and lack of skill is what has me loving film cameras right now. I have no idea what I'm doing. Mostly just going for "please let this be in focus and under exposed". The first photo is the best photo I have taken. The way this couple was sitting here on a rather chilly day in May is wonderful. The thrashing waves are not calm for the typical southern California vibe they usually give. The wind messing up the gentlemen's hair as he looks to his right, possibly to see if I'm stalking him and his partner. Seagulls, chillen. I fucking adore this picture. It is not even in focus, yet, I could care less. Seeing this photo come back from the print lab was one of the best feelings I've had from taking a photo.


This woman is someone I tried seeing. We tried to begin a relationship. There's a joke Neal Brennan says "In your 20s you don't know who you are, so you think anyone would be a good match for you."


These photos span a few weeks. Starting with an after work beach walk with some co-workers. Then a trip to Michigan for a close friend's wedding left me on a plane with nothing to do, a photo of a close friend's dog, Teddy. Then a surprisingly wet day at work had me running around in the rain to grab a couple shots before heading back in.


Vox is the best Youtube channel right now. The way they tell stories I don't care about, yet I watch everything they post. It's a lesson in story telling every time I watch a piece of their content.

Just watch. It's a commercial. They make the talent looks so incredible it’s a lesson in lighting. I wish I could have seen how they achieved this.


I cannot stop listening to Eventually and The Less I Know The Better. This entire playlist was on repeat the entire month. I listen to music on Apple Music, but i migrated my playlist over here because a majority of people use Spotify, which escapes me.


The supreme court turned down an appeal seeking to enact an old law. The old law banned abortions based on sex and disability. But, the court upheld part of the same law that requires abortion clinics to cremate or bury the dead cells. This is a big deal because it could have meant the court would have had to listen to an abortion case since the recent accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh was the newest judge to the bench. Who many believe would vote in favor to overturn Roe v Wade. So this is both good and bad, its just meh.

This article goes in depth about how you should tackle various obstacles that will inevitably come up when seeing a doctor, however these were my takeaways. Knowing your rights is a huge tool to use and to know. Being educated on what you are entitled to is half the battle. Once you are talking to your doctor, make the most of it. You are paying for it one way or another. Ask as many uncomfortable questions to get the best service. Request the thing the want, even if they advice against it, do both. Health is #1. A visit to your doctor should be a conversation and not a one sided affair. There is no rule that says the doctors opinion is the end all be all. They too are capable of making mistakes. Be as specific as possible. Over communicate here as much as possible, there is no negative to making it abundantly clear. You can get a second opinion too.

I like reading articles like this. I watched John Wick 3 the other weekend, and was take-aback by Kate Dillion. Then I saw her face when I was reading the Times and I was interested. It was cool to see someone in a public setting that doesn't define themselves. Being non-binary, that is not something I am use to. They had all the pronouns taken out of John Wick to leave more mystery to their character. They made a good point in the article about how when you are born someone looks at what is between your legs and assigns you your sex and gender identity follows. They also made a really good point at the end of the article. "We're all ignorant of what we're ignorant of until we're not." So more exposure to these things is just what I need. Food for thought.


Virgil is one of my inspirations. From interning at Fendi, to making a small clothing collection "Pyrex" to being the creative director of Men's wear at Louis Vuitton, he has put in the time. This article basically just does a profile on the man. What I love most is best said in this quote "Don't create something wildly original but in altering an existing item by roughly 3% to make it new.". Being original is overrated, be good. His co-branding with other brands have shown how much money there is to be made in that arena. A buyer who likes Nike and Virgil given the opportunity to buy sneakers for $700, will, if they can afford it. We can learn a lot from this man.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 1 Episode 1 - Director: Reed Morano DP: Colin Watkinson

This is one of the best shows in "television" if you like images, watch this show. It really seems to me that they care about how they present an image. The amount of "over producing" and "shooting the shit out of it" they do is inspiring. A story can be both rich and deep and also shot beautifully. You don't have to sacrifice one, for the other.