September 2019


It seems like the only thing I worked on this month was finances. A lot of my work got pushed to the back of my mind. What occupied that space was money. Trying to be an adult means, loans, 401(k), IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Mutual Funds. All of it sucked, I hate money, yet here we are. I only hear rich people say dealing with money isn’t stressful.

I’m hoping for more execution in October. Complete the mission and get back home. More head down. More personal projects in the completed bin. No more ideas. Ideas are shit. They distract from the complete. The complete is all that matters. Ideas are the enemy of complete. Fuck ideas. 


This is my trip to Canada. I went on a work retreat, where not much work happened. Fishing is a lot of boring, filled with adrenaline.


Was not a fan of this roll. I shot some expired film, and it came out super crunchy. I will keep it moving and probably stick to the Porta 400 I usually shoot. Consistency is all I care about


my favorite show in 2019

what i will be studying for the next month


Watched “Yesterday” and realized the Beatles aren’t thatttt bad.. I think this could be my best playlist yet.


This was the book I read this month. I did not like it. I do not have the breakdown, because it was not an insightful book in my opinion. It just goes over his accomplishments. There is nothing to note from this book at the moment.


Sicario - Director: Denis Villeneuve DP: Roger Deakins

How to light a face by Roger Deakins. I love how long the editor held on these shots. This movie is amazingly brutal and beautiful.